How To Fix "DNS Probe Finished Bad Config" On Windows

How To Fix "DNS Probe Finished Bad Config" On Windows

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Hello everyone,today we will be show you a easy way to fix the ''DNS Probe Finished Bad Config"  on our google chrome and it  will be work for the other browser also.
This error message is a very common problem in our browser and it is very boring.

Let's go for solve this problem forever.

First go to your network adapter icon situated on the right side of your taskbar, then right click on it and select  "open network and internet settings".

Aftre click "open network and intrenet settings" it will open this window.

From here you have to chose "change adapter option".

Now it will open the network connection window,right click on it and select the properties and you will see another window.

From here select the "internet protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4)" and click to properties.
Now come on down and choose to use the following DNS server addresses.

Now here a matter of entering a preferred DNS server.

You can enter here and it will work for over the world and any country,so don't worry.

After enter the DNS click to ok and ok and close all windows.

That's all.This easy way you will solve the "DNS Probe Finished Bad Config" problem for forever.

NOTE : If any problem I recommend you to use and the secondary for more speed and privacy.

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