Enable 2-Step Verification in Gmail Step by Step

Enable 2-Step Verification in Gmail

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What is two-step verification?

Two-step verification adds an extra security for your Gmail account.If you withdrawing cash from an ATM — you need insert your ATM card and enter a personal identification number.If you enable  two-step verification in gmail,than you must enter a password and also a code that is sent to your phone by call or text, or through an authenticator app on your phone.

1.AT first login your gmail account. Then click where arrow is showing

2. Then open a font just like this

3.click to google account.Then you see like this

4.Click to signing in to google option then you see like this

5. After open this font click to 2-step verification and click get start then you give your password then open a font like this

 6.Give your phone number do you want to use? After give your phone number then select how do you want to get codes? 

Text  or  Phone Call

7.Click to next then you got a 6 digit code in your phone number.

8.then give the code in here

9.After give the code number click to next and and next.

10.congratulations.You turn on your 2-step verification successfully.

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