Quick Gmail Tips, Tricks, and Other Secrets

Quick Gmail Tips, Tricks, and Other Secrets

1.Use Multiple Gmail Accounts at Once
If you use more than one Gmail account, did you know that you can be logged in to more than one Gmail account at the same time? There's no need to log out of one account to check the messages in another.
This Gmail tip will let you have several accounts open at the same time in different tabs. Here's how to do it: Log in to your first Gmail account. Click your profile icon in the upper right corner. 

Click the Add account button. Type the second Gmail account you want to open and the password for the account. 
The second Gmail account opens in a new tab. The first Gmail is still open in the first tab. To check each account, simply switch between the tabs. 
Continue the process for as many Gmail accounts as you want to open.
If you have the Chrome browser, there is an added Gmail secret tip. All the Gmail accounts you are currently logged into display on the popup window above. Click an account from the popup window to open a tab to view that account's Gmail messages.

2. Learn to Use Gmail Search Operators

Even if you understand the Gmail Advanced Search Box, you've probably never explored Gmail search operators. Gmail has over 20 search operators that can be used to find messages or create filters. And search operators can be combined so that you can be very specific.
Do you need to find a message from a specific sender that has an attachment that was sent after a certain date? No problem, search operators can help you find exactly what you need.
The following search operator string finds all messages.

3. Use Hangouts From Within Gmail

Email messages are great, but you often must wait for a reply. Did you ever wish you could get a quicker response? You can use this Gmail tip.
If both you and the contact you are trying to reach have a Google account (and you are both online), use Google Hangouts from within Gmail to get fast responses. It works like instant messaging.
To use Hangouts, click the Hangouts icon (it looks like a quotation mark) in the lower left corner of your inbox. Click the name of the person you want to invite to the Hangout. A Hangout dialog box appears on the right side of your inbox. Now you can chat with your contact in real time.

4. Use Google Drive to Send Large Attachments

Gmail allows you to send an attachment of up to 25 Mb with your message. While that file size is large enough for most situations, there may be times when you want to attach a larger file.
For example, what if you want to send an entire manuscript, complete with images, for editing? Or, what if you need to send a zip file of an entire photo shoot for review?

Use Google Drive to send large attachments.
If you use Google Drive with your Google account, you can send larger files through Gmail. 
First, copy the large file you want to send to your Google Drive. Next, click Compose in Gmail and type your message. When you are ready to attach the large file to your message, click the Google Drive icon (next to the Attachment icon that looks like a paper clip). Insert the files you want to attach and send your message.

5.Turn Gmail Notifications On

Notifications are a handy Gmail trick to ensure you never miss a message. When you enable Desktop Notifications, you'll receive a popup on your desktop when a new message arrives. You can choose to receive the notification pop-up for all new messages, or only for those flagged as important.
To activate Gmail notifications, click one of the "on" toggle buttons at Settings > General > Desktop Notifications. If you change your mind, de-activate the notifications by clicking the Mail notifications offtoggle button.

6. Place a Phone Call From Gmail

Another Gmail secret is that you can place a phone call to any of your contacts from within your Gmail inbox. This can be especially helpful if you need to respond to an urgent message and want to talk to the person right away.
You'll need a microphone and speakers (I used my headset). You'll also need to download the Google Talk plugin for hangouts. Most calls in the U.S. and Canada are free of charge.
To place your call, click the Make a call link in the lower left corner of your Gmail inbox. Type the number you wish to call and click on it. 
Note: Your call will appear with No Caller Id.

7. Use the Send and Archive Button

A Gmail trick that many users are unaware of allows you to reply to a message and archive them at the same time. When enabled, the Send & Archive button appears to the left on any messages you are sending or forwarding. 
To enable this Gmail trick, click the Show "Send & Archive button in reply toggle from Settings > General. This Gmail secret helps de-clutter your inbox and is a quick time-saver.

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