Let's Find Out Some Interesting Information About Facebook.

Let's Find Out Some Interesting Information About  Facebook

1. A user once used minimum 20 minutes of logging in to Facebook and uses an average of 10 hours per month.

2. The Facebook Like Button has so far clicked 13.13 trillion times.

3. In the 2012 reunion of Barack Obama, the image of Facebook caught the most of his wife got the most likes. The number of likes was four four and a half million.

4. With 10 million likes on Facebook Shakira occupies the place of most popular musicians.

5. In one minute, the exchange of one and a half million messages is exchanged at the platform.

6. 66 percent of the Facebook user's news media shared links on Facebook.

7. The New Oxford Dictionary declared the best word for 2009, which is 'Unfriend'

8. 66 percent of the girls are harassed through Facebook.

9. Every month 45 million users buy products through Facebook.

10. There are average 155 friends who have a user on Facebook.

11. Posting between 10 to 11 pm gives the most response.

12. Daily 10 million hours of video is watched on Facebook

13. There are 250 million comments per month here.

14. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg can not be blocked if you want.

15. 33 percent of the reasons for divorce are responsible for the use of Facebook.

16. There are 27 million fake users on Facebook.

17. The first picture on Facebook was posted by 'Godfather' actor Al Pacino.

18. Facebook's Like Button's First Name was 'Asam' and Facebook's First Name was Facemash.

20. Although Facebook is prohibited from using Facebook, about 62 million Chinese users use 
Facebook in 2018.

21. 50 percent of users aged between 18 and 24 started the day with Facebook.

22. Trying to hack Facebook six million times a day is trying to hack

23. The main color of Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg does not see red and green colors due to color blindness.

24. 41 percent of Facebook users are infected with Facebook Adwords Disorder

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