How To Take a Screenshots In Firefox ?

How To Take a  Screenshots In Firefox ?

Firefox Screenshots is a new feature to take, download, collect and share screenshots. To use it, click on the Page actions menu in the address bar and select screenshots menu icon Take a Screenshot from the drop-down menu.
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Can't get it to work? Firefox Screenshots currently will not work in Private Browsing or if you have Firefox set to Never Remember History. We are working to fix this for future releases.

How do I save my screenshots?

  • Save screenshots online: Select the Save icon Screenshots save icon fx55 to save the image to the Firefox Screenshots service for access online at a later date. To access saved images click on the Firefox Screenshots icon Fx55ScreenshotsIcon and then select My Shots. By default, screenshots are saved for 14 days, but if you click on the expiry date, you have the option to change this.
  • Download screenshots as image files: To download the area as an image (.png) file, click the down arrow icon Screenshots down arrow icon fx55 . The file will be saved to the same folder you use as Firefox's default download location.
  • Copy to clipboard: Click the copy button screenshot clipboard to save the image on your clipboard and paste it into another application later.
  • Cancel: To cancel your selection, click on the Cancel icon Screenshots cancel icon fx55  . 

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