Who is the owner of Internet ??

Who is the owner of  Internet:

The Internet is not a single thing. The Internet is a collection of many hundreds of thousands of different computer networks and hundreds of millions of computers, all speaking the same “language.”

By way of analogy, it's like saying “who owns agriculture?” Nobody. Agriculture is a set of techniques, it is not a single thing. Many hundreds of millions of different people own tools like shovels and tractors and spades. Many people own land and plant seeds. Those people own their gardens and their farms. Nobody owns agriculture.

Many hundreds of millions of people own computers. I own two Web servers, one in Portland and one in Vancouver, that are part of the Internet.

Many companies own huge server farms. Facebook, Google, you get the idea. Many national governments also own computers and server farms.

Many telecommunications companies own the cables and fiber optic lines that are used to connect all these computers to each other.

Some of the standards tat these computers use to talk to each other are controlled by companies or individuals; many are not, they are cooperative efforts by collections of people who put them in the public domain.

The set of Internet addresses and database of domain names associated with those addresses are owned by an organization called ICANN, which administers them as a service.

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